Tuesday, July 12, 2011

water theme

Water ; Verse 1 ( Sanctum)

i was asked to explain what  water represents to me & away from " the source of life" and fish images, I tried to explain what it means to me on a personal level.
In this painting it resembles a hideaway a (sanctum) where I run to, to avoid the outside world.
I fell safe, left alone, and protected from negativity and pain.
oil on canvas 100 x 75 cm

Water; Verse 2 (Surrender)

When faced with more than ones power to handle, the easiest escape sometimes is to give up completely (like swallowing water slowly, feeling heavy and drowning), and embrace that one can't fight change sometimes,
oil on canvas 75 x 100

Water Verse 3; Purifier

Some sins stain the soul just like coffee spreads on a white linen sheet, we rush to water after any mistakes hoping to erase the stains – some times the sins themselves.
oil on canvas 75 x 100