Thursday, November 3, 2016

interview - Sarah Aradi ( Artists - the other side)

 interview by: M. Salameh






[ Please don’t call me an Artist ]

She stared with a calm smile back at me [ I don’t get who gives these titles, like when you finish medical school you are entitled to the word: Doctor… but Artist???


 who decides that we are entitled with such a phrase.. not that I care, I just don’t like to be limited to a thing.. freedom is more fun.


~What do you consider yourself then? I asked her.


An inspirer.. a muse.. a force that once you meet or encounter will change your old mind frame and make you think.


I like pushing people into questioning their old believes and methods.


I experiment a lot with different types of people, what would putting them in an awkward state of emotion & how does pushing their buttons impact them? The results are the dramatic part.


I like seeing how people react differently.. not only to my art works or believes.. But also to life in general.


~ who inspires you?


Real people.. the ones that have deep layers, like peeling something with many layers .. it’s the joy of finding out more and more of the raw human soul.


I can sniff these people from a distance, their presence is very much always felt on my radar.. as they say likes attract.. I myself am very deep and complex.. seeing how love can turn a monster into a butterfly and how pain does the exact opposite is more amusing to me that any TV serious or movie.. Why watch fake acting when you can create your own movie..? Choose who to cast and try different plots.. While never knowing or even anticipating how things will turn in the end.


I’m a real life film maker I guess.


, how does what you feel or experience in these real life movies * I quote effect your Art??


I once read a line that said (what’s bad for your heart .. is good for your Art)


I guess anyone who considers themselves an expressive person whether a writer, composer, painter or actor will totally agree that in order to have material you need to have an experience..

After that the realization that comes with the situation only makes the next one even harder & on a higher level.


Like a video game.. Every stage of life and experience.. Once overcome.. Automatically transforms you into an advanced version of yourself and strips you off your past experiences and believes.. Now you are ready for the next stage.


The more heartaches, disappointments and pains.. The stronger you will end up and faster you get up and continue moving.


I think the only one who can view this game with all the levels , colors and stages of everyone is “god”.




~ do you believe in god and how do you portrait your believes into your Art.?

I believe that god is a (center point ) and all religions and believers are practicing (religion) from a corner of where they stand.


I try as much as possible to experience his pure energy and divineness through as much (corners) as possible.


Like Rumi said I have one leg on Islam and the other is rotating on each and every way of worship.


My believes are very clear in my works.. for I see people in gods eyes and vice versa.. I try to show how people see him especially through my portraits.


~when painting what is the message you try to convey to the viewer?


Nothing.. [She laughs in complete honesty] aren’t we all tired of using our brains to think and analyze any and everything..


all I do is what I feel like doing.. I might be releasing my own pains into my works… Using art in a therapeutic method to just feel better.


I’m not one of those who claim the deep meaning of their works.. yes they might mean something to me .. the faces, the icons and words….. but there’s no way you can read into my thoughts, enter my head or realize what I was thinking or manifesting into my canvas.. so just enjoy it for what it is.


~what is the definition of beauty to you, and is it necessary to create a beautiful Art Piece regardless of it being honest?

My works were continuously rejected by curators and gallery owners, some even were removed off the wall before the exhibition started because they (scared the gallery owner) she laugh’s loudly.


Yet I would sit staring at them for hours and put  ridiculous price tags just because I don’t want to part from them and they are the definition of beauty to me.


“ Beauty is what resembles you soul to yourself  , if your soul feels its familiar it will identify with it”


& that my dear is my take on the definition of beauty Please mention that I said these words first ( laughs ) quote by Sarah Aradi .




~ A final word you would like to share?


Life is meant to be experienced.. And when the line on the heart pulse reader is straight.. it probably means you’re dead.


So embrace the ups and downs .. it only means one thing.. you are not just existing.. you are in fact “ ALIVE”.


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